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Welcome to the Town of Polk!


The purpose of this Special Plan Commission Meeting is to hear a report by Jeffrey Sanders, Community Planning & Consulting, LLC, regarding Strategic Planning for the Town of Polk. Part of this report will be follow up to the Community Engagement Session. The meeting will take place on Monday, July 19, 2021 at 7:00 PM at Polk Town Hall.

Important Information – Mask-wearing is no longer required to enter Town Hall

On Thursday, May 13th, the CDC issued new guidance on mask-wearing for fully-vaccinated people: “Fully vaccinated people do not need to wear a mask or physically distance during outdoor or indoor activities, large or small, federal health officials said… ” (WSJ)

Given the new guidance, Chairman Schulteis has decided to lift the mask-wearing mandate for Town Hall and town staff. Residents can chose to wear, or not wear a mask, when entering Town Hall.